The second of our interviews is with Reece Simpson. He takes us through his choice to take a different route into construction.

What is your role at BG? 

I am an Assistant Building Surveyor at BG.


What made you want to take the apprenticeship route?

After two years of full-time study at Nottingham Trent University, I joined BG in September 2021 as a Year Out Building Surveyor. After a successful year, I was hired as an Assistant Building Surveyor by BG. I chose the Apprenticeship route because of the additional support I received from both BG and my university. Furthermore, it is a fantastic opportunity for me to gain valuable industry experience while continuing my studies part-time.


What does your day at work typically look like?

A typical day for me could involve various actions such as:

Responding to emails/ teams messages or calls.

liaising with clients and contractors regarding on site progress or discussing issues that may have arisen.

Completed contractor administrators instructions or interim-Valuations.

Chairing or recording minutes from meetings.

Carrying out inspections or surveys to monitor progress, quality or condition.


What is it like working with other members of your team?

BG is full of wonderful people who are welcoming and eager to help one another. I am confident in asking questions, no matter how simple they may be, and this allows me to expand my knowledge beyond what I learn at university.


Is there anything interesting you have learned since starting your apprenticeship? 

Since beginning my Apprenticeship I have learnt the importance of time management, this ensures that tasks are completed to a high standard and on time.


What advice would you give to someone wanting to become an apprentice?

I would advise anyone who wishes to undertake an apprenticeship to have a passion for your chosen discipline and I cannot stress the importance of good time management, completing an apprenticeship requires commitment. Finally, always ask questions.


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