Too often health and safety is considered an afterthought or late in a process. At Baily Garner we firmly put health and safety at the forefront of all our projects regardless of size or technical complexity.

Instilling a positive culture and approach to health and safety is one of our primary objectives, driving successful, safe and quality outcomes across the design, construction and occupation phases of all our projects. Across these stages, we strive to embrace and adopt latest technological advances in order to promote the digitization of record keeping and information in full support of the Building Safety Act and golden thread principles.

As CDM Principal Designers and CDM Advisors our team of Health and Safety professionals have the skills, knowledge, experience and importantly behaviours and competence to compliment a multi disciplinary team or provide an independent service responding to and supporting dutyholder statutory obligations.

Services include:

Principal DesignerAdvisor to Principal DesignerCDM AdvisorSite Health and Safety Inspections and AuditsSite Health and Safety Monitoring InspectionsCDM inc Health and Safety Awareness Training

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