To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2022, we’re catching up with some of our current apprentices. First up is Jai Ghai who spoke to us last year. Let’s see how he’s getting on a year later.

Remind us of what you’re studying and where, and how far you are into your apprenticeship?

I am studying building surveying at Birmingham City University. I am in the second year of my apprenticeship.

Why did you choose Baily Garner and the construction industry?

I chose working at Baily Garner because I wanted to work with a highly established company that promotes effective progression and professional development. I knew that Baily Garner’s structured approach in training, mentoring and ethical values would perfectly suit how I would like to learn and develop. I had chosen the construction industry as an ideal career option for me at the age of 13, due to the constant demand of different services in the industry and the way it evolves overtime.

What’s it been like doing an apprenticeship through so many lockdowns?

Baily Garner’s approach in setting office rules and guidelines enabled my learning to thrive during the lockdowns. Applying this approach meant that lockdowns had very little change to my learning, if any.

Do you have any plans for when you finish your apprenticeship?

When my five-year apprenticeship has finished, I look forward to becoming a permanent employee at Baily Garner and further developing my skills to improve myself as a building surveyor. This includes applying for chartership and further accreditations.

Can you tell us a little about a project you’ve been working on recently?

I have recently been working on a project at Goldsmith Academy, where we are taking the role of contract administration. I am overseeing the site works on a weekly basis which includes informing the client and contractor of onsite progress, highlighting any project concerns, and sharing any other relevant information.