We provide true and robust independent contract administration across a range of areas, from town regenerations to large-scale private residential, education, hotel and leisure and commercial projects.

Our interdisciplinary approach makes us uniquely placed to offer a service that combines surveying, project management and contract administration with building services consultancy. The result is a holistic approach to monitoring the quality of the design and works on site, with the ability to add value if issues arise.

To ensure projects are fluidly delivered within complex development arrangements, this role also requires assurances on programme monitoring, cost control and decisions on contractual matters or disputes. Crucially, our service also includes monitoring compliance with design, specification and statutory standards throughout the project.

Quality management is our key focus. We pay close attention to the detail of designs, quality of workmanship and choice of materials to aid all parties in achieving a fantastic end product.

Services include:

Review of conditions precedent Compliance monitoring and certificationValuationsRisk reviewsDashboard reportingQuality monitoringProgramme monitoringWitnessing and commissioningDispute resolutionMilestone certificationCompletion certification

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