Quality is central to our business plan and our ethos as an organisation. Our focus has always been on delighting our customers by achieving quality outcomes and we are committed to driving forward the quality agenda in construction. We have provided Clerk of Works service at varying levels over our 45 years, but in recent years we have developed this service to offer a refreshed approach.

We have developed a team of experienced inspectors, from a variety of backgrounds within construction, to work collaboratively and collectively with our clients, contractors, and construction teams to drive the quality agenda, share knowledge and develop understanding.  We will work with your construction team through pre- and post-contract phases, from feasibility through to occupation, developing understanding of quality assurance procedures, being proactive in our approach and working to address design issues collaboratively before they are realised on site and become part of quality control procedures.

We utilise Fieldview as our reporting platform of choice, which allows for digital records of the inspections process throughout construction to be accessed by the client and contractor for live monitoring of status.  We provide expert reports and assign tasks for resolution and then close out once complete, in a real time environment.

Services include:

Clerk of WorksQuality Control InspectorDefect DiagnosisTechnical Auditor and Third-Party ReviewsQuality Assurance / Quality Control Procedure Reviews and GuidanceTechnical Drawing Review Latent Defect Analysis and GuidanceGLA Compliance Auditing

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