As National Apprenticeship Week 2022 comes to an end, we catch up with Dylan Sharma who we first spoke to last year.

Remind us of what you’re studying and where, and how far you are into your apprenticeship?

I am currently studying quantity surveying at Birmingham City University, and I am one and half years through my five-year course.

Why did you choose Baily Garner and the construction industry?

I chose to join the construction industry as my dad was in the industry. Going to some of the houses he was working on and hearing his stories sparked my interest.

I chose Baily Garner because I could see the support they offered from the first day they came to my school. Not only training and development support, but also moral and mental support. I could see this would allow me to settle in with ease as it was a scary thought for me – jumping from school straight into an office environment.

What’s it been like doing an apprenticeship through so many lockdowns?

To be honest, Baily Garner has done well to make sure I am still getting the support and development I need. There are mentors that I can speak to, and training courses through Microsoft Teams. I feel as if I got the same support throughout lockdowns as I would if I’d been in the office. This is because Baily Garner has such an incredible development and training scheme – we even won the Skills & Training Scheme of the Year award at the 2021 Insider’s Midlands Residential Property Awards!

Do you have any plans for when you finish your apprenticeship?

Once I have finished my apprenticeship, I want to continue my development with Baily Garner to complete both my masters and ultimately my chartership.

Do you see yourself taking on a mentoring role in the future?

I would be happy to take on a mentoring role. I like to think that I would be able to use my experience to tell them what I would love to have known when I was in their position! I think helping them through an apprenticeship process would give me the satisfaction of not only helping them achieve their dreams, but also the satisfaction of seeing that there is still hunger for younger people to join the industry.