Project Details

We acted as employer’s agent and quality control inspector for the demolition of a high-rise building and development of new build housing. This included the construction of a large apartment building with 25 flats, including large balconies on the top floor units, and two houses.

During this project we used the Field View software, which allows us to produce quality inspection reports, task scheduling and tracking, and snagging lists. We can capture quality issues which may be non-compliant in terms of workmanship, materials, regulations or standards, and share immediately with the contractor. These are then shared with both the client and the developer quickly to implement reworking or design changes as needed.

The contractor adopted the use of this technology very well and the client appreciated the positive effects it has introduced.

We used Field View to carry out snagging, which helped close down the items quickly with the contractor’s involvement. The client also liked how they could easily see how many items were outstanding at any one time with the software.

This project began at the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it was difficult to inspect and snag some parts of the project due to social distancing measures at the time and all the flats being in one building.

There were also issues around fire stopping relating to the entry doors to each flat from a communal corridor. The heads of multiple doors had a gap above them that exceeded the manufacturer’s installation guidance for the fire foam used. This resulted in all foam being removed and an extension of the wall make up being used to match the fire rating of each wall. Stud and plaster board were used instead of foam. The use of Field View was crucial for this process as it allowed us to clearly highlight whether or not works were complete as the issue was being rectified.

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