Project Details

Padnall Lake involves the development of open space and an existing lake between the A12 and Marks Gate estate in Romford to provide 260 new homes. A high quality landscaped linear park and improved play spaces are being created as well as improved access to the existing lake. The homes are being built using modern methods of construction (MMC), with houses manufactured in a factory off site being brought to site fully finished internally as a series of modules and then ‘zipped up’ and connected into services on site. The apartment block will use light gauge steel wall and floor cassettes which will be fitted out on site. Homes will be heated via an energy centre using air source heat pumps with gas back up boilers avoid oversizing the energy centre and make it more efficient.

Full planning approval has been received for 81 homes with outline approval for up to 219 further homes, allowing for flexibility and innovation from the first phase to be incorporated into the latter phases.

We were appointed as employer’s agent and cost consultant and have managed and reported on cost through project development, as well as overseeing and reporting on the appointment of the main contractor for phase 1 via a JCT PCSA agreement.

Our client’s aspiration from the beginning was to deliver the whole project using MMC to reduce programme time and vehicle movements to lessen the effect on the existing residents. Therefore, the scheme has been designed from first principles as an MMC scheme. However, the site’s shape and location between the A12 and existing homes has presented numerous design challenges in complying with noise, air quality and overheating issues.

The pressing need to provide affordable homes for local people has meant a challenging programme has been set by the client. The project team has continually looked at innovative ways to reduce overall programme whilst not compromising on the quality of design and placemaking produced by the planning team. Phases 1 is due to start on site in Summer 2021.

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