Early careers

Are you an aspiring individual, eager to launch your professional career? Have you ever imagined what it would be like to bring your Lego designs to life? Or does your mathematical mind start whirring when you’re passing a construction site?

If so, a career in construction might be exactly what you’re looking for.

At Baily Garner, we take immense pride in our role as an employer dedicated to nurturing the ambitions of all our staff and place special emphasis on championing young talent.

Whether you’re seeking a career switch or want to kickstart your professional journey, we’re here to fuel your growth and support you on your path to success.

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Growing our own

As an organisation, we firmly believe in ‘growing our own’. And that’s because people are pivotal to the success we have enjoyed throughout our company’s history. Therefore, finding, nurturing and investing in young people with big potential has become a huge part of our recruitment process.

The results? Happier staff, higher retention rates and a clear path for progression for all employees. More than half of our equity partners began their journey with Baily Garner as apprentices or graduates. With our support, they’ve achieved professional qualifications, completed degrees and built up successful careers, and you can too!

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Routes into construction

We understand that every person is unique. That’s why we offer a range of different routes to get into construction, to help each employee find where their strengths and talent lie.

From work experience and apprenticeships to year-out opportunities and graduate roles, you’ll become a part of the team and get involved with real work from day one, including projects, attending meetings and visiting sites.

And we won’t stop there — you’ll also get on-the-job mentoring, training and access to exclusive resources. For many of our roles, we offer sponsorship to train or study.

Whichever discipline you choose, there’s no better place to gain insight into every aspect of the industry than at Baily Garner.

Route 1


If you’re currently in your final year of study at university or have just graduated, apply below for a career with Baily Garner.


We’re on the lookout for talent to join our team as Building and Quantity Surveyors, and our Careers Assessment Days are a gateway to securing a Graduate role or Year Out placement. 


In your application, please provide a CV and cover letter stating location preference and discipline applied for.

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Graduate and year-out placements:

If you’re looking to get truly involved during your year in industry or are now ready to begin your professional career after graduating, we have a number of opportunities for you.

Roles include: 

  • Assistant Building Surveyor 
  • Assistant Quantity Surveyor 
  • Assistant Mechanical Engineer 
  • Assistant Electrical Engineer 
  • Trainee Quality Control Inspector 
  • Part 2 Architectural Assistant/Technician

What you need to know when applying:

  • Don’t forget to include a cover letter when sending your CV.
  • Clearly state the role you’re applying for and the discipline on the cover letter. 
  • Our application closing date is typically in late December.
  • Successful candidates are invited to an assessment day in our London office in January.

Degree apprenticeships

Our degree apprenticeships, ranging from levels 2-7, are a perfect fit if you want to get some in-depth, on-the-job learning in between your studies.

Courses include: 

  • BSc (Hons) Chartered Surveying Degree Apprenticeship — Building Surveying (five years) 
  • Chartered Quantity Surveying
  • Chartered Surveying
  • Chartered Project Management Surveying

Good to know:

  • We take on apprentices from many universities, including London Southbank University, Birmingham City University, and Greenwich University.
  • As part of the programme, you’ll need to complete a minimum of six hours of off-the-job training per week, during normal working hours.
  • Whilst primarily funded through the Government’s Apprenticeship Levy, we may also directly sponsor courses.

Download the Graduates brochure to find out more about our graduate and year-out opportunities.

Route 2

School leavers and apprenticeships

Joining us as school leavers at 16 or 18 is also simple. Send your CV and cover letter to our HR team using the button below, stating clearly on the cover letter what discipline you are interested in. If successful you will be invited to interview at the relevant office (London or Birmingham).

To find out more about joining us as a school leaver please download our School Leavers and Apprenticeships brochure.

University isn’t the only path available once you’ve left school. Getting straight into the working world can be just as exciting and rewarding! Discover what opportunities we can offer school leavers.

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Work experience placements

If you want to dip your toes in the world of construction, we offer work experience placements that last one or two weeks and can be multidisciplinary or discipline-specific. Short, but no less intense, these placement opportunities are great for getting an initial overview of what you can expect from a career in construction.


If you’re aged 16-18 and have finished your GCSEs, you can study a T-level. These are two-year technical qualifications that are equivalent to three A-levels.

Whether you complete your T-level work placement in a 6-week block or one day per week over a longer period, the course will be made up of 80% off-the-job learning and 20% working in a company setting.

Courses include:

  • Building Services Engineering for Construction 
  • Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction 


If you’re raring to start your professional journey straight out of school, our apprenticeships give you the best of both worlds: working and learning, combined.

Apprenticeships include:

  • Technical roles – HNC and HND
  • Project Team Administrators – Business Administration Level 3 
  • Human Resources – CIPD Level 3, 5   

What you need to know when applying:

  • Don’t forget to include a cover letter when sending your CV.
  • Clearly state the discipline you’re interested in on the cover letter. 
  • If successful, you’ll be invited to interview at the relevant office (London or Birmingham).

Download the School Leavers and Apprenticeships brochure to find out more about joining us as a school leaver.

Supporting you every step of the way

At Baily Garner, your success is our success. As a business on a mission to positively impact people’s lives, we take the career development of our employees very seriously.

That means helping you become the very best version of yourself. Aside from providing a welcoming working environment where you can thrive, we ensure that you have all the tools and resources you need to go further every day. This includes colleague mentors, progress reviews and a personal development plan.

We’ll also support you in achieving all your professional qualifications with RICS, RIBA, CIBSE and other relevant professional bodies. Our exceptional first-time RICS pass rate of 80% is a result of our dedication to our staff and the extensive training we offer throughout their careers.

Life at Baily Garner

Inspiring Career Journeys

Calum Sparling, Central Business Support Apprentice

I decided to pursue a full-time apprenticeship with Baily Garner after completing a work experience placement with them. During this placement, I got an insight into what working at Baily Garner is like and I had a really good time.

Though I’m still only in my first month at Baily Garner, I can already see just how much potential there is to grow here, and I feel like I have made the right choice. They have provided me with an exciting apprenticeship that allows me to explore every aspect of the business enabling me to get an insight of what a career would be like for me in each group across the operation.

Everyone here is incredibly friendly, and the positive work environment is one of the best things about working here. I’m excited to continue on this path together with the support of Baily Garner.

Current Vacancies

Jaspal Mond, Studio Lead

When I first interviewed with Baily Garner, I remember leaving the room feeling excited about the opportunity. So, I went with my gut, and I’ve been a part of the team for eight years now!

Starting out, I joined as an Architectural Technician, worked up to becoming a Project Team Leader and now I’m Studio Lead for the Birmingham Studio. As a Project Team Leader, I gained the skills and experience needed to turn projects on paper into a reality. This role placed me firmly in the driving seat of my career progression and, with Baily Garner’s support, I have continued to grow since then. It’s a huge part of the company ethos to empower employees to achieve their full potential and reward them when they do.

Supporting me through my higher education and professional qualifications they have always encouraged me to learn more, take on challenges and push myself to achieve my goals. My latest ambition is to become fully qualified within the next two years.

By far, my favourite thing about working here is the people. Baily Garner is like a family, and you can’t ask for a better workplace than that.

Current Vacancies

Marie Carpenter, Partner

My journey with Baily Garner began in April 1994. I had answered an advertisement in the local newspaper for an Audio Secretary, but with just one qualification and no experience, I wasn’t quite right for the position. However, a couple of weeks later, I received a phone call offering me a job as the Office Junior. The role would afford me the experience and opportunity I needed to grow a career, and I happily accepted.

I’m very glad I was given that chance because since then my professional journey has accelerated in leaps and bounds and I am now a Chartered Building Surveyor and Partner at Baily Garner.

Over the past 29-30 years, Baily Garner has consistently provided me with the resources, tools and training I need to grow. From sponsorship and support throughout my university career to the current day with ongoing support and dedicated mentoring, there is nothing Baily Garner won’t do to help me thrive.

Working here is an absolute pleasure because every day is different — whether it’s a new challenge to find a solution to or a new project to get stuck into, you will never get bored at Baily Garner. Top that with the friendly and supportive environment that the organisation has nurtured, and you have a recipe for success. Everyone here is committed to making a positive difference for their colleagues, the business and the wider community, and it’s truly inspiring to be a part of this team.

Current vacancies

Rhiannon Thornton, Apprentice Building Surveyor

I got my first taste of working at Baily Garner for a week of work experience before starting my A-levels. The staff were really friendly and took the time to explain how I could become a Building Surveyor. This level of attention and support stuck with me, so when I looked into doing a degree apprenticeship with Baily Garner, I knew I had to go for the opportunity.

My first year at Baily Garner has been truly amazing, thanks to the fantastic support they offer. They always help with my questions and make sure I understand what I need to do for my job. Going to university once a week is helping me become a Chartered Surveyor, a goal I want to reach soon. I also want to inspire more women to join the construction industry.

My favourite thing about Baily Garner is the positive attitude of everyone and the variety of opportunities you can get involved with. Not only are there multiple work projects to get stuck into but there are also many charity events, such as the Three Peaks challenge we did in June.

Current vacancies

Tim Bush, Partner

Over the course of 37 years, my career has been nothing short of incredible. It all began with my curiosity to understand what a Building Surveyor does and a 10-week summer work experience placement, where I earned £25 a week! Little did I know, this opportunity would be the foundation for a remarkable career.

My journey has always been strengthened by the unwavering support of my mentors and colleagues. They encouraged me to retake my A-level studies, pursue a part-time degree, and ultimately, achieve Chartered status as a Building Surveyor in 1993.

In 1996, I was given the opportunity to establish the Birmingham office for the practice: a momentous milestone that allowed me to showcase my leadership and managerial skills. I am now Partner, a role I’ve proudly held since 2006.

Looking forward, my aspirations are simple yet profound. I aim to retire one day, knowing that I have left a lasting legacy and that my contributions have made Baily Garner stronger and more successful than when I first joined.

For me, this company is not just a workplace; it’s home. The deep sense of belonging, the shared values, and our collective can-do attitude are what set us apart. We are driven by the belief that we can make a meaningful and positive impact on people’s lives, and that is a source of immense pride for all of us.

Current vacancies

Early careers

The recruitment process


Found a role you’re interested in? Fill out the application form online, upload your CV and cover letter, then hit apply!


The interview is an opportunity to get to know one another. So, whilst we do want to hear all about you, we’ll also invite you to ask us questions.


If everyone is happy following the interview stage, we’ll extend a formal job offer, asking you to join the team here at Baily Garner!

Join the team and do something amazing

Want to learn something new every day, achieve your professional goals and go far? Take a look at our early careers vacancies to find the right role for you.

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