Project Details

Ivy Hall is a £6 million scheme involving re-provision of a new local community centre, together with 23 additional social housing units on the Ivy Hall car park site.

Baily Garner have worked closely with our Client from the initial conception stage of this redevelopment project to provide a new community resource. Located at the junction of Crouch Hill and Holly Park, the development replaces a former single storey community building and an open car park used by residents of the adjacent Ilex House tower block.

Redevelopment includes a new 3 storey community centre, with a double height multi-purpose community hall and various rooms for use by local community based organisations.In addition, a 4 storey residential building provides a total of 23 new social housing homes, with a mix of 2 bed (11 no), 1 bed (7 no), 3 bed (3 no) apartments, together with two wheelchair accessible units (3 bed/1 bed).

The new centre is purpose-built for community activities, creating a more flexible, attractive, brighter and easier to manage building, with a well-lit main hall at ground level available for a range of activities. Purpose-built children’s play areas and meeting/office space are included, together with a community roof garden on the upper level. As Islington’s District Heating Team will be running new district heating mains to this building from their Bun Hill Energy Centre, Baily Garner’s heating system is designed to ensure compatibility with the new incoming mains supply.

The Bun Hill heat energy will supplement gas fired plant incorporated into the building’s heating design by Baily Garner. Our design for the community centre heating also includesradiant heating panels and natural ventilation louvre heater batteries in the main community hall, together with underfloor heating in childrens play spaces and general circulation

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