We take immense pride in unveiling our latest initiative—the Damp and Mould Growth Toolkit. Crafted with a meticulous forensic approach, this toolkit is designed to bolster the sector by providing a comprehensive framework for identifying and resolving damp and mould-related issues.

Unveiling the Essence: A Holistic Exploration of Damp and Mould

Our damp and mould toolkit includes explanations of the different types of damp, the tools used to measure damp and the current legislation and guidance. It examines the roles of data analysis, thermal performance, air quality and ventilation. The toolkit has been developed with input from industry specialists, social housing providers, government representatives and contractors.

Crucially, our Building Surveyors who are involved in surveys and projects to rectify dampness have developed a damp diagnosis flow chart to forensically determine the causes of dampness. The damp and mould toolkit also includes next steps, property archetypes and case studies to help landlords in developing specific responses and wider strategies to eradicate damp and mould growth.