Project Details

We were commissioned by Clarion Housing Group on two tranches of their trailblazing retrofit programme - Demonstrator and Wave 1.

Using funding from the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF), we were brought on board to provide project management and PAS 2035 quality review services for retrofitting Clarion’s existing social housing stock.

The Demonstrator phase saw United Living and Engie/Equans take the lead design and construct role on two sites in Tonbridge, Kent, and Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. They were set a target to deliver around 100 no regrets whole house deep retrofitted homes to 50kWh/m2/yr space heating demand and high EPC ratings.

Alongside our PAS 2035 and project management roles we undertook site quality reviews through the delivery of a project execution plan, which included risk and responsibility registers. We also hosted partner knowledge sessions to learn from early retrofit phases – sharing key information and data among project partners and wider stakeholders.

The Demonstrator phase is nearing completion with PAS 2035 handover paperwork under review.

Contractor Wates will come on board for Wave 1 to deliver a slightly less onerous target of 90kWh/m2/yr space heating demand and minimum EPC Band C ratings.

The Wave 1 phase is currently at design stage with project teams collaboratively assessing the best package of design options to hit key performance metrics. It will take into consideration wider aspects of our client’s data on housing stock, planned maintenance programmes, element and component lifecycles, costs, and carbon effectiveness. It will also consider the ability to deliver medium-term and long-term plans with regards to the property portfolio and geographical spread of our client’s stock.

We have worked with our client and key delivery partners by attending stakeholder meetings, providing technical notes, and speaking on behalf of the project at seminars and conferences. The site also features in a recent Baily Garner video, created to highlight sustainability.

In addition, we have produced net zero toolkits for new build and existing residential properties (with a commercial property toolkit in development) – elements of which are represented in the innovation of this SHDF project.


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