Project Details

We were approached by Raven Housing Trust in spring/ summer 2021 to produce a full design and specification for Raven’s initial tranche of applications to Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund.

The programme was for works to start on site in spring/ summer the following year and early 2023 completion. Key performance metrics were to meet 50kWh/m2/yr space heating demand, an EPC A rating, and ensure low water use and electricity demand, sufficient air temperatures and thermal comfort, and compliance with PAS 2035.

The initial brief was to design a solution for eight properties in the Reigate and Banstead area of Surrey, where Raven is based. This was extended to incorporate a further 20 properties as part of a Lot 2 package in late 2021. The properties are a mix of bungalows and houses, generally of different archetypes.

We produced a full design and specification pack for Lot 1 properties, and an archetype based design for Lot 2 properties, considering the tight timescales for funding and information available. We managed consultation with third parties and legal and regulatory bodies through the design phase, ensuring adequate survey information and compliance was achieved in the design. The specification was issued in February 2022, with tender addendums the following month.

The compliant design focussed on an organic mineral based external wall insulation, with new triple glazed windows and doors, cavity and internal wall insulation, loft insulation, photovoltaic panels, air source heat pump, and mechanical ventilation heat recovery or demand controlled mechanical extract ventilation, depending on whether the property was a bungalow or house.

We produced a tender report in April 2022 and began negotiations with tendering contractors to ensure value for money before contract award and start on site in May/ June 2022. We engaged with residents early in the process and they will be consulted on colour choices, appearance of key materials appearance and any required selections. Planning permission and Building Control approvals have been achieved on the first lot of properties, with other approvals anticipated shortly in line with phased commencement of the works. A contractor has been approached for pre-contract award negotiations following the tender overseen by PFH.

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