Following on from our practical toolkit for achieving net zero in new build homes (released in August this year), we are now releasing our second toolkit, this time tackling the issue of retrofitting existing homes. 

The document includes an outline of why retrofit is needed, the government guidance available and the challenges that are presented by the need to upgrade vast amounts of housing stock. We have also summarised potential strategy options alongside the technology choices that are available, and crucially, our sustainability specialists have undertaken a modelling exercise on a range of typical archetypes to outline the energy saving potential of a range of interventions.  

Applying a fabric first approach, our comprehensive tables are broken down into ten possible upgrades and show the cumulative improvements to each property’s EPC and SAP rating and the space heating demand in kWh/m2/yr alongside the broad indicative costs of each intervention.  

Clients can use the broad cumulative cost to make their own assessment by applying overhead, profit, and preliminary costs at the intervention at which they wish to stop. As each property is unique, the document is only an indicative guide but will help organisations to shape their thinking.

You can access the toolkit here. 

You can also access our practical toolkit for achieving net zero in new build homes here.