We are pleased to be founding partners of a new knowledge portal that is designed to inform, train and connect people and companies to move into a future of Net Zero emissions.

Unlocknetzero, has been launched today by Ocean Media Group and Social.

Partner John Milner has joined the editorial board and will be collaborating with members of government agencies, departments and both public and private organisations across the built environment and energy focused sectors, to shape the direction of the site.

Commenting on joining the editorial board, John Milner said:

“I am always struck by the idea that you must be the change that you wish to see in the world and also that some questions must be asked: If not now, when? If not you, who? The time is most definitely now and we are proud and delighted to be founding partners of Unlock Net Zero. Solving big problems requires shared understanding, good communication and collaborative effort all wrapped in an effective adaptive plan, so we look forward to working with the other founding partners, Ocean Media, and the wider sector to increase understanding and action addressing the climate and ecological emergency.”

We are very excited to be working alongside Ocean Media Group to help push for a Net Zero future. Visit the new knowledge portal at https://www.unlocknetzero.co.uk/