Dionne Fenech-Soler

As the Customer Experience Director at Baily Garner, Dionne is a passionate advocate of creating meaningful connections and exceptional experiences. Dionne’s journey with us has been marked by growth and innovation. In 2023, she assumed the role of Director, leading a dedicated team committed to shaping outstanding client interactions.

Dionne is driven by the vision of crafting a customer-centric culture where every interaction reflects our commitment to excellence and to the Baily Garner purpose: To positively impact people’s lives. She brings a strategic mindset and a results-driven approach to her role and her mission is to elevate Baily Garner as a trusted partner, known for delivering exceptional service and exceeding client expectations.

Dionne has played a pivotal role in integrating our Customer Experience Directorate within the practice, transforming perceptions of marketing from a standalone function to an integral part of our business strategy. Her team collaborates closely with colleagues across all of our departments to deliver outstanding results.