Two of our partners, Andrew Little and Rob Ireland, have joined sector research groups set up by South East Consortium (SEC).

The SEC has set up the groups as a result of a vote by their members to identify the strategic issues most commonly foreseen in the sector for the coming years.

In support of his commitment to improving quality in the construction industry, Andrew has joined the Maintaining Building Safety workgroup which considers the questions “How do we be more demanding?” and “How do we legislatively enforce quality through our appointment of reputable organisations?”.

Rob is now a member of the BIM for Asset Management group to discuss the question “How can we break away from “the norm” and utilise technology and the “new normal” to drive efficiency through technology and remote management of maintenance?”. This follows the recent publication of his article on BIM and existing buildings in the RICS Built Environment Journal.

Read more about the research groups on the SEC website.