We spoke to Hugo, an apprentice building surveyor at Baily Garner to see what his day to day life an an apprentice is like. 

What is your role at BG?

Apprentice building surveyor


What made you want to take the apprenticeship route?

I wasn’t the biggest fan at school and wanted to earn money. My apprenticeship allows me to earn my own money and learn skills in a very adaptable and vast industry.


What does your day at work typically look like?

My day can consist of a variety of activities ranging from site visits to Auto CAD drawings to spec writing to meetings and events.


What is it like working with other members of your team?

Working with other members of my team has enabled me to learn off more experienced surveyors and use their skills in my work. I have also found bonding with my team members an easy task much like the rest of BG employees.


Is there anything interesting you have learned since starting your apprenticeship? 

At my time and BG, one of the many interesting topics I have learnt is planning. This includes the process of planning, the drawing work for the application, consideration for the local area and the appearance of the building, dealing with the local authority.


What advice would you give to someone wanting to become an apprentice?

If you are someone who isn’t keen on school and is eager to work, an apprenticeship is the way forward. You are enabled to learn in work and at college and become qualified in your chosen field. In my opinion it Is the better way forward.


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