As National Apprenticeship Week 2022 continues, we catch up with one of our newest apprentices, Hugo Webb.

Tell us what you’re studying and where, and how far you are into your apprenticeship?

I’m currently four months into a level 3 surveying technician apprenticeship at Lambeth College.

Why did you choose Baily Garner and the construction industry?

I chose the construction industry as I am a more practical, creative person. I chose Baily Garner as I had been told they are incredibly good with young people and offer very good training.

What’s been the most challenging part so far?

The most challenging part so far has been adapting to work life, as this is my first proper job. I’ve come straight from year 11 so it was a big change, but I am managing well.

And what’s been the best part?

The best part has been meeting all the Baily Garner staff. They have been very welcoming to me and have helped me in situations where I was struggling. Also, I’m very much enjoying the work. Prior to starting I had no clue what to expect, however I enjoy the work I do on a day-to-day basis.

Do you have any plans for when you finish your apprenticeship?

After my apprenticeship I plan to do my APC and become chartered. I would love to continue my career with Baily Garner.