In addition to our Business Continuity Policies, we are doing the following in order to to deal with the 2020 Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. Due to the changing nature of the risks, it is a plan that is subject to regular review and change.

What is Baily Garner Doing to Minimise Risk…Generally?

We are following Government Guidelines and implementing our own business continuity procedures around this advice

This has included
  • Promoting a considered and responsible approach at all times so that we preserve the health and safety of all our staff and stakeholders and manage our response proportionately.
  • Communicating with employees, partner organisations and clients to provide all relevant information that they might need to limit infection spread during the outbreak.
  • Senior management meeting regularly at both strategic and operational levels to ensure that emerging risks and all potential threats to maintaining a full service during the incident are identified and mitigated as practically as possible to ensure a safe working environment for our staff and as high a level of practical consultancy service as is possible for our clients.
  • Gearing our IT response to maximise our ability to continue working using remote working technology.
  • Encouraging our staff to raise all concerns openly and reasserting our flexible working capability into working practices.
  • …and Specifically?

    We review the government website every day and implement any changes to best practice recommended within the guidance

    We have a visible and constantly updated area on our intranet home page with links to all the necessary guidance

    Our Partners, HR and Group Managers are actively managing their teams in terms of potential risks and are available to advise and discuss with staff all concerns at any time.

    Hand-washing and more visible general sanitation guidance has been increased in our workplaces with onsite posters in toilet areas, hand sanitisers around the office and regular dialogue with onsite cleaning staff about any additional requirements during this period.
    We have published specific guidance on the details of symptoms, reducing the risk of spreading the virus as well as responding to staff questions through an FAQ site.

    We are checking with our clients and partners that their own contingency plans are practical and fit for purpose.

    Updated Friday 13 March

    We today provided some additional suggestions, considerations and commentary to our clients on our plans to maintain continuity of site work during the current Covid-19 crisis. You can find a note from our Managing Partner Continuity of Site Operations during the Covid-19 Delay Phase  and a more detailed appendix 2020-03-12 Appendix to Generic Note.