Following some changes to email settings made in a Microsoft update in January we are encountering a higher than usual number of mail delivery issues when sending and receiving emails from clients. If this is/has affected you, here’s some detail you should share with your email service provider or IT team so that they can liaise with our IT team to resolve the issue .

Baily Garner sends an email to you and you don’t seem to receive it.

This is because your email server is rejecting the email and is either referring it to your spam folder or just blocking completely (with no bounce-back message being sent to alert the sender).

If you encounter this, (and obviously you will only know there is a problem if Baily Garner staff alert you to this) Baily Garner’s IT team can provide you with the exact time and date the email was ‘delivered’ to give to your IT team and they can liaise with them to help resolve the issue.


You send an email to Baily Garner that doesn’t get through

This is because (getting a bit technical here) your DKIM/SPF data settings are invalid and are not being authenticated by our email server.

These settings exist to help verify that the email is definitely from the person purporting to send the email and not an impersonator or hacker

In all instances, BG’s settings will mean a ‘message delivery failure’ bounce -back will be sent to the sender. If you receive one of these messages please take it to your IT team who should be able to amend the settings to enable future emails to be sent to BG without issue.


We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing but are happy to help resolve any issues.